Type: Feature film divided in 8 chapters/fragments
Genre: Fiction Film and Documentary
Duration: 120 min.


Languages: English, German, French, Spanish and Catalan

*Main Language and  Voice Over: English

Companies: WBTV and Entretanto Films SL



Short Synopsis

During World War II, in 1940, Lissa Fittko was the first person to use the smuggling route «Route Lister» to help the political exiles (German, French, Spanish or Jews) to cross the French-Spanish border to Spain. Behind the French, Spanish and German gendarmerie.
One of the first to be helped across the border was the German and Jewish, Walter Benjamin (Berlin 1892-PortBou 1940),one of the most important thinker and philosopher of the twentieth century, He was fleeing of the SS to Lisboa and USA but he died of unknown way one day after the crossover the «Lister Route».



Map of The Route Lister



More about the project

Introductory film of the importance of the thinker Walter Benjamin(Berlin 1892-PortBou 1940) today. With commentary of film director Wim Wenders, and representatives of the Càtedra Walter Benjamin of Girona (involved in the project) among other prominent figures:

WB Escapade_Constel·lacions de Walter Benjamin from Mateo Ramírez Louit on Vimeo.


Director’s commentary:
Mateo Ramirez Louit


The project consists of one part only fiction 15 minutes that we have already filmed about the thinker Walter Benjamin.
Our intention now, is to continue the story through the eyes of Lisa Fittko. And go to film the landscapes of the «Route Lister» today in 2016, guided by the voice of Lisa Fitko, discovering everything that happened on that trip.
A trip that ended with the death of Walter Benjamin for reasons unknown and the mysterious disappearance of his briefcase.

In this case, we do not want to film with actors, simply capture the absence of all those who one day went through first and last time that path and capture a story through the relationship established between the landscapes and the visual device of the camera and the sound.

In the road remain signs of the rough sections, the cabin of the SS, and a variety of elements that together with the voice over of  Lisa Fitko, and the use of audiovisual language (lateral tracking shots, tilted planes , distorting lenses, ..); We will create a strong atmosphere of what one day was lived in that place.


REEL 2016 Mateo Ramírez Louit




MAKING OF fiction Chapter/Fragment of  «WB Constellations for rental shop lights Dedolight:


Walter Benjamin, came from France in the border town of Portbou, where he died of unknown causes. With these interviews, we wont clear what was the situation lived in the town of Portbou, in 1940, during the 2nd World War.

Director: Mateo Ramirez Louit
Editing: Nuria Francisco
Sound: Maria Ignacia Valderrama

Entrevista a JOAN GUBERT, Cronista de Portbou entorn a Walter Benjamin from WBTV on Vimeo.


Entrevista a SANTI VANCELLS, Guia i Coordinador (durant els 5 anys de projecte): «Benjamin-Portbou» from WBTV on Vimeo.


Entrevista a Julia Fernandez, ExRegidora del Departament de Cultura de Portbou from WBTV on Vimeo.


Entrevista a LEO TIEMEIER, Esudiant de Filosofia: «Oberstufen Kolleg an der Universität Bielefeld», Alemanya from WBTV on Vimeo.



Entrevista a MARIA MATEO, Professor de «Oberstufen Kollege ander Universität Bielefeld» d’Alemanya from WBTV on Vimeo.

Hans Von Fabeck, Professor de «Oberstufen kolleg an der Universität Bielefeld», Alemanya from WBTV on Vimeo.

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